We produce t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, shorts, etc. for men and women. Fun part is, for each TEILLOR product sold we will plant 1 tree. Every garment is produced exclusively from natural, clean materials, without emitting CO2 (no pollution) during production and made by women in Serbia who previously worked in hard conditions (which is a big problem). Women can now work from their home, in a productive environment and have fully transparent salary earning system online. We want you to finally feel good with what you wear, knowing that it was made by people who finally work in good conditions, design is inspired by nature and you’ve just contributed to planting a tree.

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  1. Katarina Biorac says: September 19, 2016 at 9:56 pmReply

    Doing a noble job, providing jobless women to provide better conditions for their families, having an opportunity to finally wear a good-quality clothes, plus enhancing the number of green fields of our country is a great project to support!