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Rekreativni studio za gojaznu decu i adolescente „Fun Track“

Both of us have, in our families, persons with obesity problems and we know how they feel and to which complications can this problem lead to. From our desire to help them and others with same problem, we started this project. Obesity is chronicle disease which has epidemic sizes in our country and in world. Around 40% of obese children stay obese in adolescence age, and twice as many adolescence stay obese in adult age. Obesity is manifesting with numerous and difficult clinical manifestations and can lead to unwanted effects that are related to economy and economic development. Our goal is, with help of multi-disciplinary team consisting of nutritionist, psychologist and professor of sports, to help children and adolescence, between the ages of 6 and 18 years, to bring their body in harmony using healthy way, physical activity and workshops. Solving problem of obesity on creative and fun way, with socializing with other kids and increasing self-esteem and motivation. The end result of our activity will be improvement of health quality and satisfaction of potential customers. Thank you for attention and vote for us.