Zabuna presents „Kindermusik“

For a long time we are working together with kids and youth of all ages and we concluded that new generations are losing more and more interest in artistic and cultural events. Parallel with that Serbia’s worse results on the PISA tests are showing that functional knowledge of children is on a very low level. Scientific researches have shown that music is most efficient tool for development at such an early age and because of that with music and different music activities you can set excellent foundation for later understanding of mathematics, logic, space orientation, development of literacy, creative expression, displays of emotions, adaption of social patterns and for healthy body development. We are presenting Kindermusik to Serbia, program of creative music lessons for earliest development in children that is based on results of research of neurologists, psychologists and great music pedagogues like Kodaly, Suzuki and Orf. The lessons are adapted to children from their first days until school age and their goal is to stimulate development of motor, cognitive, speaking, social and emotional abilities. In this moment there are million and half families that are attending Kindermusik in more than 70 countries. In Serbia there are 87 families with kids from age of two months to seven years. SIA award will help us to present Kindermusik to as many families as we can and give us opportunity to work together with parents on quality development and education of children in early age every day of their childhood and raise cultural awareness of future generations.