Unemployment in our region is very big problem. “Eko mama” company will solve problem of young unemployed women and their children. Our goal is to enable young mothers to work, to provide earning for their family and children but also to develop new skills. Within the company we will form first ecological kindergarten, in which children can grow while in contact with nature and in which methods of Montessori and Waldorf pedagogy will be applied. In the beginning company will employ 5 young women which will sew ecological pillows stuffed with buckwheat flakes. Buckwheat is extremely effective plant. It calms the whole body, it helps in falling asleep and it is good against headache. Our product will be high quality, made from cotton and with modern design. Besides that we will produce accessories that will prevent child rolling in bed and allow the proper development of bone and muscular system. We will sell our product in baby stores, online and in cooperation with socially responsible companies. “Eko mama” is company that will use creative and innovative ways to enable young women to find employment. We will provide to children proper educational upbringing in early age. And we will give healthy and natural product to market. Vote for us. Thanks.