Eko gajbice

Jury Award Serbia 2015

Eco Crates – Bees pollinate around 80% wild plant species and they are responsible for one third of our food. Without the bee there is no pollination, and without pollination there is no yield. Food chain in eco system is disrupted and unfortunately that can bring into question survival of all living life on planet. Many people don’t know that plants that they use everyday, are those plants that attract and feed pollinators. Our product „Eko gajbice“ is made with careful selection and combination of plants. „Eko gajbice“ are created as crates of health or mini city pharmacies that consist from medicinal herbs, and edible crates or mini supermarkets that consist from edible and spicy herbs. Our product can adapt to any space, it is made from natural and recycle materials, with interesting design and with additional material about growing and maintaining plants. Creating and maintaining mini habitats for bees in urban environments, on balconies and terraces of users, every owner of „Eko gajbice“ is participating in forming one bigger city network of bee oasis and that way we are helping bees to find their corner in unfriendly city environment and in same time creating nicer place for us and our neighbors.