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Obrazovna web platforma „Priprema za takmičenja“

Educational system in Serbia, and in most European countries, is oriented to average students. Talented students, except standard collections of problems, don’t have other, more modern, resources that can help them to better improve their skills. That is why we want to design educational web platform that can give adequate help to talented students so they can prepare better for the competitions, having in mind that in Serbia there is 120 thousands students preparing for mathematical competition every year. With use of the platform, besides learning and solving different problems, students will get statistical analysis of their knowledge so they can perfect competence in areas in which they show weaker results. The platform will also be designed so it can be used for other subjects and different systems.The platform as such will be unique not only in Serbia but also in neighboring countries that doesn’t have platforms or educational software that are adapted to curriculum and which are there to support talented students. See you at educational platform “Takmičenje“.