Silk touch is the massage salon that connects social entrepreneurship, inclusion and environmental protection. On the territory of Belgrade there are more then 2600 unemployed persons with visual impairment that are in most cases trained to be masseurs because of their specific sens of touch but because of distrust they are often not employed. Silk touch is addressed to those persons and it’s goal is to employ them and give them further training, enabling two very important things, social entrepreneurship and inclusion. An increasingly frequent topic of social entrepreneurship leads me to open my salon in this form so more entrepreneurs will participate in improvement of community. Part of profit will be reinvested in the salon trough new equipment and employment of new workers and part will be dedicated to community and financing of various events. Inclusion will also be implemented trough the salon. Persons with visual impairment will have opportunity to directly rise awareness of the salon customers trough quality of their services. This way customers will meet blind people and they will see that together they can make positive change in society. As part of the environmental protection segment we will not use deodorants and other artificial air refreshers and smoking will be forbidden in the salon. I believe that silk touch is unique salon but it offers a lot to society.