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Jury Award Serbia 2015

Young for Old – In three years of work, the team of young people has been built, that team decided that their work will be beneficial for seniors. According to population census 22% of population is older than 65 years and many of them live alone. Instead of them we are waiting in lines, doing payments, buying medications and groceries and regularly visiting them. We agreed that we should say thank you to the elderly because they deserved it. In order to preserve environment and promote sustainable ways of transport, we provide all services by bikes. Sustainability of the project is achieved by providing services to the people younger than 70 from where the highest incomes come from fast food delivery and services of marketing and promotions. Social Impact Award will mean big step to sustainability for our project, possibility of expansion to other cities in Serbia and expansion of services. As citizens of Pirot with use of bicycles we are reducing number of young unemployed people, we are helping elderly, preserving environment and for every 1000 KM passed we are saving 150 euros. Today you don’t have 70, but tomorrow you will have. Vote for us.