Školski pratilac

Community Award Serbia 2015

School Companion – If we take in count car accidents, school violence and street criminal, movement of kids trough urban environments is something that we need to look for. Our youngest are our greatest treasure and because of that we are trying to provide them safe and care free growing up. Bearing in mind working hours some parents doesn’t have possibility to walk their kids to school and other activities every day. “Školski pratilac“ is person that will care for one child or group of kids, at a certain path. Those are adults with authority that are educated in fields of safety, work with children and first aid. Their selection and engagement is done by parents and advantage will have unemployed persons with experience in already mentioned fields and students. “Školski pratilac“ for their work will have financial compensation. Survey done in Belgrade elementary schools has shown that 70% of parents would use service of escort for their children. Our idea is unique on the market and available to everyone on the territory of the city. Engagement of “Školski pratilac“ is decreasing unemployment , giving parents safety of their loved ones, it saves precious time and inspires trust in community members. Vote for us and be sure that we are caring about your children.